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Extracts from unsolicited personal letters of appreciation

Dear Douglas:

  • “I write to express my sincere thanks for all the support and constructive dialogue that you and your colleagues have engaged in during your work with us on the … merger appraisal. There is no doubt whatsoever that our appreciation of the position and our ability to go forward has been encouraged by the information that you have provided.” (Principal of a major university)
  • “I write to express my great gratitude for a job well done. The dedication and effort which you have put into producing the reports for our stakeholder consultations and the subsequent strategic analysis of options for future delivery of services has been above and beyond the call of duty. For that I thank you most warmly. … The logic which lies behind (your recommendations) will, I believe, stand significant scrutiny.” (Chief Executive of a major research-based agency)
  • “Writing personally I would like to thank you for the tremendous amount of effort you put into the preparation of our Options Appraisal and, in particular, for the generous allocation of your time. I know that the outcome of your study has been of considerable help to us in the preparation of our documentation.” (Vice-Principal of a university)
  • “I would like to formally record my thanks … for your excellent work in the preparation of the Estates Options Appraisal. The work has already achieved acclaim and as evidence of this I enclose a copy of a letter from SHEFC. It is particularly noteworthy that your success has been achieved in some difficult and changing circumstances. As you are aware, the College has accepted your recommendations and we are now taking forward their implementation.” (Project Manager for a University College)
  • “I would like to thank you and your team ... for completing the project on time and to a high standard. I think we presented you with a very difficult brief and it is to the team’s credit that the report is both credible and readable. I am sure that it will inform policy-related discussion in this area” (Principal Research Officer in a Government Department)
  • “Following the completion of the review … which you have just undertaken I thought that I would write formally to thank you … The report reads very well and summarizes accurately the issues which (the organisation) faces. Both the Board and the staff were impressed by the acuity of your thought and your report and presentations have focused discussion on how we should address the issues which you have raised.” (Director of an Agency)
  • “Thank you again for all your helpful suggestions: without your independent, knowledgeable and rigorous advice I don’t think this review process – lengthy though it has been – would have come to such a sensible and successful conclusion.” (Head of an Executive Agency)
  • “Your report evaluating Activity Management in the context of devolved financial management was extremely interesting and helpful. I also read with considerable interest your Advice Note on the issues around the establishment of public/private partnerships. As you know, your willingness to share ideas and information is very much appreciated by me (and) I may say that I thought your comments to the … Conference were timely and accurate.” (Director of Support Services in a local authority)
  • “Following receipt of the (Business Case) I am just dropping you a line to say how pleased I am with the work you have done. It would be no overstatement to say that of all the consultants I have dealt with, your ability to see the issues and sensitivities from the client point of view while quite properly maintaining a professional and detached position is second to none. In addition, the work produced under pressure of the very tight timescale is of excellent quality and I am sure that it will serve the Council well in taking this forward. It has been a pleasure to work with you.” (Executive Director of Infrastructure in a local authority)

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